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Centriz provides a comprehensive range of business setup services in Dubai, UAE, for startups, medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations. Our services are distinguished by a combination of trust and quality, which is not just a marketing strategy but a proven formula for growth. From the beginning of the process, we offer business setup services related to Mainland, Free zone, and Offshore business setup, including licensing license renewal and much more. We consider the success and growth of the clients as the greatest reward. We serve as a helping hand for our esteemed clients and provide prompt recommendations and support. We offer other services: Visa Services, Bank account opening, PRO Services, Company liquidation, AML Compliance, and many more.

When registering a company in Dubai, deciding whether to establish it on the mainland or in a free zone is important. Location is a key decision when considering a new business setup service in Dubai. Setting up a low-cost business in the UAE is possible in one of Dubai's specialized free zones or on the mainland (also known as onshore).

Our business professionals work closely with the Government departments & Free Zones to assist the company formation needs and other business-related services of investors and entrepreneurs across the UAE.

If you're looking to expand your company in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, Centriz can help you obtain the best business services available. We offer professional services such as accounting and auditing. Contact us today to take your business to the next level.


How Can I Set up a Business in Dubai?

A company formation in Dubai is one of the most coveted dreams of business owners across the globe. One of the prime reasons for attracting businesses to Dubai is the business-friendly laws of the UAE government, along with global exposure. A Business Setup in Dubai involves choosing the right industry, finding a suitable location for your business, naming your company per the regulations, applying for a license, opening a bank account, and applying for a resident visa. We are experts in all of the above. Talk to us and find out more.

Are there any legal complexities in setting up a business in Dubai?

Like any other country, a Business Setup in Dubai has its own set of legal complexities. There are many challenges to cross, from registering your business name to getting a visa. Hiring a professional Business Setup Dubai service can ensure you are on the right track with all the necessary documentation.

What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai?

Starting a business in Dubai offers numerous advantages, such as international exposure, complete repatriation with 100% ownership by foreign nationals, a wide range of business activities, access to a large pool of skilled professionals, and more. Start your dream journey today!

What are the different types of company structures to set up a business in Dubai?

There are primarily three company structures for a Business Setup in Dubai: Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore. Different jurisdictions govern these. Our company formation experts can walk you through the specifics of each.

What's the cost of setting up a business in Dubai?

The business setup cost in Dubai depends on several factors, like business operation, license type, and more. Contact the best business consultants in Dubai to help you set up your business cost-effectively.

What are the categories of business setup in Dubai?

In Dubai, the types of businesses are limited to the following categories: Joint Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Public Joint Stock Company, Private Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, and Sole Proprietorship. Contact our Company Formation Dubai experts for the best guidance and assistance in choosing the right category for your business ideas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business stop companies in Dubai help you to start a business in 3 zones, free zone, mainland and offshore, based on the business activity. You just need to:

Yes, a business can be established remotely if it is done in a free zone. Whereas mainland zone companies must have a power of attorney that is given to business consultants. Professional business companies in Dubai will do all the formalities on your beh

The Mainland zone is the region where commercial business activities are carried out. You need to get approval from the Dubai Economic Department to start a business here. This is the main location where international companies mark their presence.

Yes, it is. You can maintain a common agreement between you and your partner stating that he is the sleeping partner and he doesn’t own any shares in your organisation.

If you approach business setup companies in Dubai, it is quite easy to start a business and it’s not challenging. The Dubai government provides many benefits for your initiative. To start an easy, and cost-effective company, it is advisable to start in a

Yes, you can easily start a branch in Dubai with a company in foreign country. It can have 100% ownership and no locals are required. Only parent company documents are needed for the further proceedings.

Dubai mainland zone allows the business to perform the activities without any restrictions even outside UAE. But Dubai free zone has restrictions to perform the business activities to be done within the UAE.

Except oil and gold, any type of trading activities can proceed further. For oil you need special permission and license.