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Are you looking to form a company in the Mainland region in UAE? If yes, it can be a wise investment regardless of the type of business. A Mainland business may come under professional, commercial or sole establishment and has been registered under DED (Department of Economic Development) of the respective emirates, Mainland license provides you with immense benefits such as limitless freedom to operate the business throughout UAE and Internationally, eligible to bid for government projects and contracts, A mainland company enjoys the freedom to present the business branches in any emirates across the UAE. One of the important law by the government of Dubai to operate a company in the mainland is associated with your share of equity in the business. As per the UAE company law, at least 51% of the total share of a company in the UAE mainland must be owned by UAE nationals. Foreign nationals can only hold up the remaining 49% of shares in such companies. We will structure the company to ensure you have operational and financial control over your business. There has also been recent changes in law in favor of foreign investments that has provisions for foreign nationals to own 100% of shares in a main land company in some sectors subject to meeting the eligibility criterias. Centriz corporate services helps you to save your cost and time in obtaining a mainland and also free zone license in Dubai to commence your business in the highly demanded areas. We can help you find a reliable local partner and ensure that you get the right mainland license anywhere in UAE without any hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business stop companies in Dubai help you to start a business in 3 zones, free zone, mainland and offshore, based on the business activity. You just need to:

Yes, a business can be established remotely if it is done in a free zone. Whereas mainland zone companies must have a power of attorney that is given to business consultants. Professional business companies in Dubai will do all the formalities on your beh

The Mainland zone is the region where commercial business activities are carried out. You need to get approval from the Dubai Economic Department to start a business here. This is the main location where international companies mark their presence.

Yes, it is. You can maintain a common agreement between you and your partner stating that he is the sleeping partner and he doesn’t own any shares in your organisation.

If you approach business setup companies in Dubai, it is quite easy to start a business and it’s not challenging. The Dubai government provides many benefits for your initiative. To start an easy, and cost-effective company, it is advisable to start in a

Yes, you can easily start a branch in Dubai with a company in foreign country. It can have 100% ownership and no locals are required. Only parent company documents are needed for the further proceedings.

Dubai mainland zone allows the business to perform the activities without any restrictions even outside UAE. But Dubai free zone has restrictions to perform the business activities to be done within the UAE.

Except oil and gold, any type of trading activities can proceed further. For oil you need special permission and license.