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Are you an entrepreneur who seeks to build an establishment that takes you to business heights ? If yes, then you must consider a business setup in Dubai. Why do you wait?
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Company formation in Dubai free zone is never a challenging task. But, the challenge always falls on when you try to acquire a free zone company license in Dubai. If you do not approach professional services, you might end up paying huge amounts for the licenses.
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Are you looking to form a company in the Mainland region in Dubai? If yes, it can be a wise investment regardless of the type of business. Yes, a big shout to all the business entities and the investors to bring your business to the Mainland zone.
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Are you an entrepreneur who seeks to build an establishment that takes you to business heights? If yes, then you must consider business setup companies in UAE. Why wait? Come and make footprints in the ever-developing arena of the Middle East. Dubai and the whole UAE provides a stress-free business environment for established and budding businessmen alike.

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We are one of the leading Business Setup teams in United Arab Emirates. Our services offered by business setup consultants in UAE extend its scope to a wide range of activities which will make our client get all the perfect services from Centriz.

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Setup new Business in UAE | Centriz


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Business Set Up in UAE

The United Arab Emirates, which is a land of modernity and advanced innovation in the first century, is situated on the Arabian Peninsula edge with a plethora of sheikdoms. The UAE has been one of the wealthiest states since 1930, which marked the discovery of oil. Recent years have witnessed the diverse economic growth in the region that made UAE a country that attracts foreign investors. Thus doing business in the UAE has been the life goal of many investors and the Business setup companies in UAE have stepped forward to fulfil their desires.

The economic growth of Dubai is rewarding and presents various business opportunities. Dubai is one of the most demanding cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East. Some of the platforms that payback profits are finance, services, real estate, trade etc. Company formation in Dubai especially when it is involved by a foreign investor is quite challenging. But business consultants make every dream possible by a low-cost business setup in Dubai that pays you a high return on investments in the future.

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Why should you choose UAE to set up your business ?

It’s known to everyone that the economy of the UAE has diversified in the last decade. The UAE’s economy has seen a great deal of diversification in the past few years. One of the major streams that paved the way for the UAE’s success in the economy is petroleum. Other streams include Science and Technology, Tourism etc. The greatest initiative put forth by the UAE government is the allotment of $13.4 billion to the growth of non-oil industrial expansion. In this portion, a proportion will also be allotted to the virtual technologies sector. 


Being the centre of some of the important trade and commerce ways in the world, UAE has always been the most sought trading hub. Business setup companies in UAE make sure your business is established in the world’s best trading region where you get access to the markets of Africa, Asia, Eastern and Southern Europe and the Middle East. you get an immense chance to accommodate international trade with advanced maritime and airports that makes your business the best one among the competitors. 


Get attractive tax incentives from the UAE government for your business. No foreign exchange controls, no corporate or personal taxes. This helps for a reduced administrative burden or financial traps of international businesses. 

UAE is a large space of present-day technological solutions. UAE is an excellent place for IT and telecommunications with modern infrastructure and facilities. You get a perfect space to establish your operations with a low-cost business setup in Dubai.

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Few months back I approached Centriz for getting freezone license. I was really worried about the works to be done so as to start a company. But centriz really helped a lot. Their hardworking and sincere team was with me 24/7.
John - Centiz Client
Centriz helped me in starting my own business. From A to Z they did really well I didn't know any difficulties in starting the business.
Kiran - Centriz Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business stop companies in Dubai help you to start a business in 3 zones, free zone, mainland and offshore, based on the business activity. You just need to:

  • Get in touch with our consultants
  • Submit documents
  • Choose trade name
  • Business approval
  • Obtaining business license
  • Immigration and visa process


The Mainland zone is the region where commercial business activities are carried out. You need to get approval from the Dubai Economic Department to start a business here. This is the main location where international companies mark their presence. 

If you approach business setup companies in Dubai, it is quite easy to start a business and it’s not challenging. The Dubai government provides many benefits for your initiative.   To start an easy, and cost-effective company, it is advisable to start in a free zone. Mainland requires partnership and is costlier too. 

Dubai mainland zone allows the business to perform the activities without any restrictions even outside UAE. But Dubai free zone has restrictions to perform the business activities to be done within the UAE.

Based on the business activity, you can decide which zone to choose. Business activities in the free zone don’t need a local sponsor. But for the mainland zone, you just have a local sponsor and the role of the sponsor is the type of business activity. 

Yes, a business can be established remotely if it is done in a free zone. Whereas mainland zone companies must have a power of attorney that is given to business consultants. Professional business companies in Dubai will do all the formalities on your behalf without coming to Dubai. 

Yes, it is. You can maintain a common agreement between you and your partner stating that he is the sleeping partner and he doesn’t own any shares in your organisation. 

Yes, you can easily start a branch in Dubai with a company in foreign country. It can have 100% ownership and no locals are required. Only parent company documents are needed for the further proceedings. 

Except oil and gold, any type of trading activities can proceed further. For oil you need special permission and license.

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Our services offered by business setup consultants in UAE extend its scope to a wide range of activities which will make our client get all the perfect services from Centriz.


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