From around the world, many investors planning to start a Business in Dubai without being aware of the region’s diversified industrial speculations. That’s why over 20% of small business establishments in Dubai end up closing down within the first year of launching.

However, this staggering statistic indicates the importance of proper planning, expert guidance and knowing the right steps before stepping up to set-up a Business in UAE.

First of all, setting up a successful Business in Dubai requires deep research.

From company registration to the final set-up process, there are many formalities investors should know, and must seek professional guidance to avoid possible legal complexities.

The first step to Set-up your Business in Dubai

When you are all set to get into the company formation process in Dubai, the first step is choosing the right Business location.

As Dubai offers different economic zones for various business operations, identifying the right economic zone for your business activities is one of the key steps to consider before setting up your business in Dubai.

Economic zones in Dubai are mainly categorized as Freezones, Mainlands and Offshore. Each zone has its own rules and trading regulations imposed by the concerned zonal authorities. Investors have the opportunity to prefer their ideal business province for smooth and flexible trading.

If you’re still confused, an expert guidance may help recognize which economic zone is convenient for your business in Dubai.

Choosing the right business zone for your company in Dubai depends on your;

  • Mode of Business Operations
  • Trade License
  • Capital
  • Workspace requirements
  • Legal entity

Considering all the above elements, investors can prefer the ideal economic zone for their trading activities with the help of a professional consultant.

Why Dubai Freezone is the Best Option for Small Businesses?

UAE Freezones are certain jurisdictions where investors can freely conduct trading operations. Company formation in Dubai Freezone is highly flexible through simple set-up procedures.

Fortunately, most Dubai Freezone locations are established near seaports and airports to promote hassle-free import/export. This advantage allows Dubai Freezone companies to easily access affordable and advanced logistics facilities.

At present, there are over 40 Freezones all across the UAE. These zones are classified by their trade locations, infrastructure, and divergent services to promote various business activities.

What Reasons Make Dubai Freezones the Ideal Location for Your Business?

There are several reasons why Dubai Freezone is the most lucrative option for new investors.

First of all, the complete business set-up procedure in Dubai Freezone is simple and convenient. The whole process can be finished within 5-6 working days.

Similarly, what other reasons make Dubai Freezones the most suitable business province for foreign investors?

Here are the top 7 reasons why setting up Business in Dubai Freezones is the best option for start-ups and small companies.

1. Tax Exemptions

This is possibly one of the main reasons to set up a Business in Dubai Freezone as an entrepreneur. Businesses in Freezone Dubai don’t have to pay any kind of personal and corporate taxes. Dubai Freezones offer a 100% exemption of VAT, enabling investors to maintain a stable revenue base. Exclusion of various Taxation in Dubai freezones allows investors to set up business with a minimal operational expense compared to the other economic zones.

2. Exclusion of Import & Export Duty

Along with numerous Tax exemptions, companies in Dubai Freezones can benefit from the exclusion of Import/export duties for hassle-free transportation of goods and commodities.

This allows Dubai Freezone companies easily extend business to other domestic and international markets. Exemption of import/export duty helps companies conduct cost-effective trade operations in Dubai Freezones.

3. 100% foreign ownership

As a company operating in Dubai Freezone, investors from different nationalities can legally obtain complete ownership of their company assets.

That’s why companies in Dubai Freezones don’t have to appoint a local sponsor for holding the share. Without any legal or financial regulations, investors can possess 100% of their business ownership in Dubai freezones. This advantage makes Dubai Freezones the most favourable trade zone for setting up a business as a foreign investor.

4. Profits and Capital Repatriation

Another attraction of Dubai Freezones is that investors from all countries can avail full repatriation of their business profits and capital. This means, foreign investors are allowed to transfer their business profits and invested capital back to their home country. Expats in Dubai freezones can benefit 100% business fund repatriation to their own country without any legal or financial restrictions.

5. Easy to Own / Hire Workspaces

Now it’s time to find a co-working space for your business. Dubai Freezone companies can easily own their preferred workspaces at an affordable budget. Remember, the size and mode of your business may decide the workspace requirement for your company.

If you are not able to own a workspace, companies in Dubai Freezones also can hire workspaces or offices for rent within their authorized trading jurisdiction. Investors can own or hire fully equipped, state-of-the-art workspaces in compliance to their budgets and business activities.

6. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

As we all know, Dubai offers world-class infrastructure and transportation facilities. Dubai has the world’s best living conditions as the UAE Government constantly refining its industries, tourism and public amenities to attract more foreign investors and visitors to the region. In addition, companies in Dubai freezones can save their business time and operational expense with advanced information and communication technology. Dubai has the fastest internet access to provide seamless business networking and marketing.

7. Direct Employee Recruitment

Companies operating in Dubai freezones can directly recruit employees. Simple recruitment formalities, minimal documentation and cost-effective hiring procedures are the main advantages of Dubai freezones.

Employees from other nationalities are also welcome to Dubai Freezone companies. However, it’s important to submit the necessary documents for verification before stepping into the initial recruitment procedure.

Find more reasons to start your Business in Dubai Freezone.

  • Flexible Visa Process
  • No Currency Regulations
  • Lower Renewal Costs
  • Options for Company Liquidation anytime

Why Choose CENTRIZ for Hassle-free Business Set up in Dubai Freezone?

CENTRIZ is one of the leading corporate consultant service providers in the UAE.  We deliver professional and integrated corporate solutions for companies to meet all their business needs at affordable budgets.

Centriz offers the highest standards of quality services. Our team of highly experienced professionals are experts in modern corporate consulting and management solutions for all types of Business Set-up in Dubai, Trade License Renewal/Modification/Cancellation, Accounting & Auditing, Company Liquidation, Bank Account Opening Assistance, ERP and all sorts of Visa Services in the UAE.

Need more guidance for setting up business in freezone Dubai? Talk to one of our business set up consultant, clarify all your doubts and get instant support to start your dream business in Dubai.


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